Thank you to everyone for supporting Lifestart Kayak for Kids 2014.  The total money raised was $295,791.73. Congratulations to all the fundraisers for supporting the children at Lifestart.

 Top 5 Individual FundraisersAmount Raised
1Team Stella$2,907.25
2James Sherlock$2,301.50
4Harry Broos$2,184.12
5Corrie Sebire$1903.50
 Top 5 TeamsAmount Raised
1Mumble and Maddox Team $67,630.00
2Team The Hills Clinic$18,768.50
3Team Servcorpirans 1 $9,675.80
4Deloitte As One 2015$3,579.26
5Team CorVal$2,854.11

Race Results

Results by category – 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Race CategoryPosBoatPaddlerTime+
Team of 3
1 277Team Pace Five02:02:59 00:00:00
2278Team Pace Four02:10:34 00:07:35
3267Mumble & Maddox02:12:35 00:09:36
Team of 4-8
1254Masters of Media 02:25:0600:00:00
2258Team Tonga02:39:5100:14:45
3256Team Kapatan02:44:22 00:19:16
Team of 4-12
1339Servcorpians 1 02:06:2200:00:00
2324Nic Sproats02:07:2800:01:06
3318Jonah and the Whales02:09:4400:03:22
Male Ski
18Matt Blundell 01:18:23 00:00:00
242 Gavin James01:20:3600:02:13
348Paul Keating01:22:38 00:04:15
Female Ski
168Michelle Oakes01:34:3000:00:00
235 Rozanne Green 01:42:4600:08:16
377Emma Sandall 02:04:5000:30:20
Male Sea Kayak
1110Garth Agius01:45:23 00:00:00
2103les westerweller 01:46:4200:01:19
398Mark Tindale 01:52:2800:07:05
Female Sea Kayak
1119Mercy Kibbey02:02:1200:00:00
293 Eva Tatrai 02:18:5700:16:45
3106Julie Whitmore02:19:2100:17:09
Male Recreational
1102Russell Trotter 01:58:2700:00:00
237Martin Hanlon02:13:5000:15:23
321Clayton Crabtree 02:14:4900:16:22
Female Recreational
185Vanessa Smith02:05:0000:00:00
226Diana Dent02:35:0400:30:04
Male Double Craft
1185Curly Nights01:18:5300:00:00
2158HOT STUFF01:25:4400:06:51
Female Double Craft
1182yakkity yak01:58:56 00:00:00
216Sandy Bay Duo02:11:0400:12:08
3180Two Sisters02:34:1500:35:19
Mixed Double Craft
1187Karen & Chris01:19:2900:00:00
2188Dragon Flyers01:24:3800:05:09
3153chris & phill01:36:39 00:17:10
Participation Relay
1206Paracanoe MWKC 1 02:05:1300:00:00
2207Shark biscuit 02:27:0600:21:53
3208The Splashers02:32:3600:27:23
Race CategoryPosBoatPaddlerTime+