Parking, Transport and Support Crews


Allow plenty of time for traveling and parking.

Parking is particularly limited at the start at Blues Point Reserve. There is a designated 5 minute drop off area for people bringing their own boats. Where possible, it is a good idea to get someone to drop you off or car pool with your team mates. Alternatively, if you are in a team and your kayak is provided you can park at the finish above Clifton Gardens and catch the free shuttle to the start (see further information below).

Parking at Transition Area 1 – Sirius Cove is very limited within the reserve. You may have to walk from the surrounding streets.

Parking at Transition Area 2 – Clifton Gardens will be busy if a nice day. It has expensive pay parking within the reserve. You can park up on the streets before you enter the Reserve area and take the pathway down the hill.

Parking at Transition Area 3 – Balmoral Beach. There is a large parking area available but again there are also lots of people if it is a nice day. It is pay parking.

Parking at the Finish – Clifton Gardens will be busy if a nice day. It has expensive pay parking within the reserve. You can park up on the streets before you enter the Reserve area and take the pathway down the hill.


Public Transport:

Unfortunately public transport is limited and fairly difficult on a Sunday between the Start and Finish locations.

Event Mini Bus:

There will be four 24 seater mini busses providing a bus service between Clifton Gardens, the start at Milsons Point and the 2 transition points (TA) at Sirius Cove & Balmoral Beach – South End. Bus number 4 will be on standby for any pick up requests throughout the day which can be requested via the bus stop marshal. This is free service and available for all paddlers.

This means you can car pool with your team to the finish, leave your car there and then get taken to your relevant leg start. The mini buses will then go to each of the TAs to pick up paddlers that have finished their leg and take them to the finish to meet the rest of their team. See below for the schedule. If you would like further information please email Kirra McNamara

Clifton Gardens to Blues Point (Start location)

 Depart Clifton Gardens         Arrive Blues Point (estimate)
Bus 16:40am7:10am
Bus 26:55am7:25am
Bus 37:10am7:40am

Clifton Gardens to TA1 (Sirius Cove, Mosman Bay)

 Depart Clifton GardensArrive TA1 (Sirius Cove)
Bus 17:45am8:10am
Bus 28:00am8:25am
Bus 38:15am8:40am

 Depart Sirius CoveArrive Clifton Gardens
Bus 18:15am8:35am
Bus 28:30am8:50am
Bus 38:45am9:05am

Clifton Gardens to TA3 (Balmoral Beach, south end) 

 Depart Clifton GardensArrive TA3 (Balmoral Beach)
Bus 19:40am10:05am
Bus 29:55am10:20am
Bus 310:15am10:40am

 Depart Balmoral BeachArrive Clifton Gardens
Bus 110:10am10:35am
Bus 210:25am10:50am
Bus 310:45am11:15am

Download the 2015 bus timetable.

Private Transport:

If you are in a relay team you need to coordinate with your team mates for transport. For example, the Leg 2 paddlers might drop the Leg 1 paddlers at the start and then drive to TA1. The Leg 1 paddlers can then take the car from the Leg 2 paddlers when they change over. The Leg 1 paddlers drive to TA2 and pick up Leg 2 paddlers and then go to the finish. The Leg 4 paddlers drop off the Leg 3 paddlers at TA2 and then drive to TA3. Leg 3 paddlers take car at TA3 and drive to finish. Leg 4 paddlers paddle to the finish.

If you are a solo/double bring-your-own boat paddler, have a support crew drop you and your boat at the start and then meet you at the finish.

If you are in a team of 3 you could consider an early morning car shuffle.

Support Crews

There will be plenty happening at the finish at Clifton Gardens and we would love to have your support crew, friends and family join in the fun. All welcome. If you are meeting your support crew/family friends, please let them know where you are finishing so they can find you!

For a Google map showing how to get to the start, transition areas and finish click here.