Event Rules

Rules for Lifestart Kayak for Kids event

I. a) A Teams Challenge 4-12 team must consist of at least 3 members and up to 12 members with 3 members paddling the 3-person sit-on-top kayak at any given time.

b) A Teams Challenge 3-8 team must consist of at least 3 members and up to 8 members with 2 members paddling the 2-person sit-on-top kayak at any given time.

II. All teams must complete the course as instructed and marked.

III. No motorised forms of transport are allowed.

IV. Outside assistance is only permitted at the designated Transition Areas.

V. Participants must submit a completed indemnity form before the start. Participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the indemnity form.

VI. No littering – use a bin or take rubbish with you. This is valid on land and on the water. Please leave the course and Transition Areas as clean, or cleaner, than you found them.

VII. Please respect the communities you are going through, and behave appropriately. NSW Waterways, Manly Council, Mosman Council and North Sydney Council have been very supportive of the event, so let’s be respectful of the locals in return.

On land, drive slowly and carefully through the beach communities, there will be families and children out, particularly on a Sunday. Parking at the start, finish and transitions areas is temporary and you should respect road and traffic signs at all times.

On water, be mindful of swimmers and other water users, especially around beach areas.

Kayak Use & Safety

All Kayak types

I. Participants are not permitted to use sails or kites during the event.

II. ALL paddlers and participants must wear a PFD (personal floatation device) at all times when on the water. This includes surf skis and other sit on top craft. Strapping your PFD to your boat is not sufficient – you must be wearing it.

III. Participants must be able to swim 100m easily.

IV. All participants are required to give assistance to any fellow paddler in difficulty. AROC Sport will account for time lost by paddlers assisting others in case of an emergency.

Event Provided Kayaks

I. No dragging of the kayaks at any time.

II. Teams are not permitted to use any type of equipment that in any way damages the kayaks.

III. Teams are not permitted to add to or modify the kayaks in any way.

IV. Teams are responsible for and must pay for any damage they cause to or lost kayaks, paddles and PFDs during the event.


I. The event may be modified, rescheduled or cancelled at any time by the organizers due to inclement weather, security or any unforeseen circumstances deemed suitable by the race organisers.

II. Competitors must follow the course and must comply with the spirit of the race.

III. Failure to visit a check-in at a transition area may incur a time penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the race director.

IV. The organisers may impose cut-off times and require slower participants to take an alternative route.


AROC Sport has $20 million public liability insurance only. This insurance will only cover 3rd party injuries and 3rd party property damage. Competitors should consider obtaining personal insurance to cover themselves for injury during the event.

Fundraising Rules

I. Kayak for Kids is a fundraiser event for Lifestart Co-Operative Limited.

II. Fundraising monies are to be paid to Lifestart online via the Everyday Hero website by Friday 24 April 2015.

III. All fundraising events and activities organised for or associated with Lifestart shall be of a lawful nature.