The Course

Sydney Harbour: an iconic course!

The course is 18.1km. It is divided into four stages separated by three Transition Areas (TAs) where relay teams can change over or “tag” paddlers. All participants must round the buoys at these TAs, whether they are “tagging” paddlers or not.

START: Lavender Bay. Event registration will take place at Blues Point Reserve.

Stage 1: Lavender Bay to Little Sirius Cove, Mosman Bay (TA1) = 4.2km

Stage 2: Little Sirius Cove to Clifton Gardens, Chowder Bay (TA2) = 4.7km

Stage 3: Clifton Gardens to Balmoral Beach, southern end (TA3) = 4.6km

Stage 4: Balmoral Beach, southern end to Clifton Gardens =4.6km

FINISH: Clifton Gardens. Award presentation will take place at Clifton Gardens.

Course Map

K4K15 map
Kayak for Kids Course Map

Course Notes

Please download the course notes KFK course notes which provide a quick briefing for all paddlers.

Event Maps

Overall Course Map

You can download a higher resolution version of the overall course map here K4K course. Feel free to print a copy, contact or laminate it and bring it with you to the event or to your training sessions to get familiar with the course!

Google Map

For a Google map showing the locations of the start, transition areas and finish <click here>. This will help you in determining how to drive from one location to another.

Site Maps

Start Area: Lavender Bay, North Sydney



Transition Area 1: Little Sirius Cove, Mosman Bay



Transition Area 2: Clifton Gardens, Chowder Bay



Transition Area 3: Balmoral Beach, Southern end



Finish Area: Clifton Gardens

Clifton Gardens Finish sitemap V2