Thrill team building and events is celebrating 21 years.


It’s Time to Inspire staff and business to make a Good Start charitable difference

Conducting a terrific range of Charity Team Building Activities and Corporate Events. Staff, employees and managers actively engage with building Toys-4-Kids, Build-a-Bike for Children Charities and Furniture-4-Families

Every year over 100,000 Australian children are disadvantaged in some way. Through economic circumstances, access to resources or limited in mobility.  Thrill team building activities looks to help address some of the issues. By linking Corporate Events and Team Building Facilitation you will bring a smile and helping hand to kids in need

The rewards are great for both the employees engaging in the program and the recipient charity or child receiving the outcomes.

Thrill has invested resources in creating valuable programs with real life lessons. Drawing upon the skills of engaging teamwork. Working toward a common worthy cause and bringing a benefit to communities and kids.

We are asking companies, managers, EA’s and CEO’s to invest in valuable rewarding staff training exercises that are facilitated by accredited professionals. Make a positive difference to Australian charities with worthwhile causes that achieves the result of more effective better working teams.

Author, Konrad Lippmann has Paddled The Kayak For Kids through Sydney Harbour several times and is Thrill’s key facilitator of Team Building activities and corporate events management at  Conducting over 4,000 events with 20 years industry experience. Please Call 02 9630 2222